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Phone Screen Tips

  • Take the call if it's a good time for you. Otherwise simply:
    Be pleasant and enthusiastic about the call
    Explain briefly how it's not a good time for you to talk
    Ask for the prospective recruiter/employer's contact info and when would be a good time for you to return the call
    Thank the prospective recruiter/employer sincerely
  • Be prepared with all information that you deem beneficial for you to know before taking the call:
    Examples: industry, company information, position attributes, your work history and achievements, etc...
  • Respond to the salary questions with a range that you deem appropriate for the position you desire
  • When taking the call make sure you are in a noise free, no-interrupt environment where you feel most comfortable
  • Do not bring up the words "phone screen" in the conversation, as this would lead the prospective recruiter/employer to feel uncomfortable with you knowing more about the phone screen process than you should

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