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You won't find another Resume Distribution service that can top ours. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to researching, developing and testing the most effective tools in helping job seekers get the best job offers fast. Our research shows that the probability of helping job seekers get the best job offers fast consists of 20% job seeker skills and 80% resume marketing. Based on this finding we decided to research what the best resume marketing tool is. Out of all the resume marketing tools we've come across, Free Resume Distribution proved to be the clear winner. However, we did not find a Free Resume Distribution service out there that was truly outstanding.


Efficient Free Resume Distribution

FINDS YOU THE BEST JOB OFFERS FAST. SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY - OPTIMIZES Resume Distribution REACH by using a Real-time Job Matching Software that Guarantees Your Resume is Sent To Executive Recruiters & Employers With Fresh Matching Jobs FIRST!

Targeted Free Resume Distribution


Easy To Use Free Resume Distribution

MAKES Free Resume Distribution EASY - Makes it EASY TO Order, MANAGE AND TRACK A Free Resume Distribution ORDER

1. The reason why EFFICIENT is the leading quality of a outstanding Free Resume Distribution service, is because it gives you the highest chance to GET THE BEST JOB OFFERS FAST so you can COMPARE OFFERS and choose the one that's right for you. Basically, WHEN EMPLOYERS COMPETE, YOU WIN! THE BEST JOB OFFER you receive by using a outstanding Free Resume Distribution service is in many ways more than you could hope to get otherwise on your own. Financially, it would be, on average, thousands of dollars more in your income. Personally, it could be more in terms of working for a BETTER COMPANY, receiving BETTER BENEFITS (HEALTHCARE, 401K, etc...) or some other personal reason. In addition, this quality SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY, that you would otherwise spend searching for a job. In most cases, this translates to SAVING YOU 3-6 months or more of your time and thousands of dollars of monthly expenses that could have eaten away at your savings or added on to your debt!

Free Resume Distribution efficiency can be defined in many ways, but we define it as the Free Resume Distribution REACH. Free Resume Distribution reach here means which executive recruiters or employers your resume will reach. We've found that Free Resume Distribution reach is realized best with REAL-TIME JOB MATCHING that guarantees your resume is sent to EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS & EMPLOYERS WITH FRESH MATCHING JOBS FIRST! Without REAL-TIME JOB MATCHING your resume might still be sent to executive recruiters & employers, but it could end up reaching only a small portion of the executive recruiters & employers with matching jobs. That is, unless you're purchasing the highest priced Free Resume Distribution package so that you can send your resume to the whole list. IF YOU ARE an EXECUTIVE WITH 7+ YEARS EXPERIENCE, that most likely is unnecessary, as REACHING A NORMAL NUMBER OF EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS & EMPLOYERS WITH FRESH MATCHING JOBS WOULD BE ENOUGH TO GET YOU THE BEST JOB OFFERS. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 7 YEARS EXPERIENCE, SENDING YOUR RESUME TO THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS & EMPLOYERS WITH FRESH MATCHING JOBS GETS YOU THE BEST JOB OFFERS. In either case, efficient Free Resume Distribution is crucial to giving jobseekers the highest chance of getting the best job offers hands down!

2. The reason why TARGETED comes in at a close second is 3 fold. First, sending your resume to a comprehensive list of executive recruiters & employers, based on GEOGRAPHY, INDUSTRY & JOB TITLE FILTERING, means you are guaranteed to reach all the executive recruiters & employers on the list with matching jobs for your resume. Second, a HUMAN VERIFIED EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS & EMPLOYERS LIST means your resume is guaranteed to reach executive recruiters & employers actively seeking employment for jobseekers. Third, only when coupled with REAL-TIME JOB MATCHING does a Free Resume Distribution service become EFFICIENTLY TARGETED. This is because without REAL-TIME JOB MATCHING, resume targeting alone would force jobseekers to send their resume to all the executive recruiters & employers on the list, if they want to reach all the executive recrutiers & employers on it with matching jobs for their resume. On average, that most likely would mean paying for the most expensive Free Resume Distribution package.

3. The reason why EASY TO USE comes in third is because, while it is a feature that makes Free Resume Distribution easy on the part of jobseeker, it does not necessarily play a leading role in offering outstanding Free Resume Distribution to jobseekers. However, when a Free Resume Distribution service is EASY to use, it can significantly enhance the quality of the jobseeker's Free Resume Distribution experience. The Free Resume Distribution service should make it easy for a jobseeker to - MAKE an ORDER By Filling Out ONLY 1 SIMPLE FORM, REVIEW the ORDER, TRACK the progress of a Free Resume Distribution ORDER online at anytime and VIEW ORDER DETAILS.

So, we set out to create a Free Resume Distribution service that has the 3 qualities of an outstanding Free Resume Distribution service - efficient, targeted and easy to use. After many days and nights of hard work, while always putting jobseekers first in everything we do, we're proud to say that offers a OUTSTANDING Free Resume Distribution SERVICE that provides jobseekers with the best value in terms of efficiency, resume targeting, ease of use as well as price!

At, we stand by our Free Resume Distribution service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we will email your resume a second time absolutely free! Although we're happy to say that harnessing the job finding/resume matching power of a HUMAN VERIFIED LIST of 16,000+ EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS & EMPLOYERS with FRESH MATCHING JOBS - AKA, "The Good List", means 100% Free Resume Distribution satisfaction every time!'s Good List of executive recruiters & employers is human verified on a monthly basis, in order to keep it fresh with the latest hiring pros, who are actively looking to fill current job openings.

With thousands of fresh jobs matching Free Resume Distribution preference of industries, states, job title, work experience and education, we have received many satisfied client testimonials. As part of our dedication to client satisfaction, we've created SANTA - The 1st Generation Artifical Intelligence Recruiter that is a part of all our Free Resume Distribution packages. Santa sends your resume first to executive recruiters & employers with FRESH JOBS matching the criteria you chose on your Free Resume Distribution order. Since our goal is above all, 100% client satisfaction, we've rolled out the red carpet once again for our jobseekers with the only outstanding Free Resume Distribution service. With it, jobseekers can make a Free Resume Distribution order by filling out 1 simple form, review, track and view the details of their order. In addition, we offer free job seeker services such as free job interview help, resume writing help and phone screen help. helps you get THE BEST JOB OFFERS FAST, SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY, PUTS YOUR RESUME IN THE RIGHT HANDS OF HIRING AUTHORITIES and MAKES Free Resume Distribution EASY!


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