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IT Cover Letter Example

SUBJECT: Senior Software Engineer Position

Dear Hiring Manager:

Innovative thinking, adaptability, perseverance are my key strengths that directly resulted in helping me successfully acquire increasingly responsible software engineering positions. With a balanced equation of technical, non-technical and leadership skills, I bring a proven ability to deliver increased revenue and higher productivity by developing quality software products and services within this senior software engineering position. As this position closely matches my qualifications, I've attached a plain-text copy of my resume for your consideration.

In my previous position, as senior software engineer with 'EPayments Software', I was the primary contributor in optimizing the ROI on key business applications. For example I managed a team of 10 software engineers to fully-automate the online 'EPayments' application handling millions of dollars and transactions per day. During the 1st month of releasing this newly improved 'EPayments' application, the company realized over $50,000 in savings and productivity increased by 25%.

In summary, I'm aware of what a senior software engineer must do in order to increase revenues and productivity for a company. My experience demonstrates my knowledge and accomplishments in this regard throughout the past 10 years. I look forward to continuing to deliver and surpass previous accomplishments in this senior software engineering position. This position is an exciting opportunity for me, as it's an outstanding match for my experience and qualifications. I would certainly appreciate being granted the opportunity to set-up a meeting with you to demonstrate how my IT knowledge and qualifications can positively impact your bottom-line. Thank you very much. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Yates

1524 Edward st, Los Angeles, CA 47081 920-452-0099 -

Please note that the above information includes names and contact information that have been changed for the purpose of presenting this it cover letter as a free public example.

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