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What Instructional Coordinators Do

Instructional coordinators oversee school districts’ curriculums and teaching standards. They work with teachers and school administrators to implement new teaching techniques to improve the quality of education.


Instructional coordinators typically do the following:

Instructional coordinators assess the effectiveness of the district’s curriculum and teaching techniques. They make changes to the curriculum and adopt new teaching strategies and techniques to improve students’ test scores and outcomes.

For example, when a state or school district introduces new standards for what students must learn in specific grades, instructional coordinators explain the new standards to teachers and help them develop ways to teach so students learn what the standards cover.

Instructional coordinators are also known as curriculum specialists, instructional coaches, or assistant superintendents of instruction. In some school districts, they specialize in particular grade levels, such as elementary or high school, or specific subjects, such as language arts or math. Other instructional coordinators focus on special education, English as a second language, or gifted-and-talented programs.

Coordinators generally travel to schools in their district to work with school administrators and teachers, teach professional development classes, and monitor the implementation of the curriculum.

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