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What Demonstrators and Product Promoters Do

Demonstrators and product promoters create public interest in products, such as cosmetics, housewares, and food. They encourage people and stores to buy their products by showing the products to prospective customers and answering questions.


Demonstrators and product promoters typically do the following:

Demonstrators and product promoters sell both sophisticated and simple products, ranging from computer software to household cleaners. They attract potential customers by offering samples, holding contests, or distributing prizes.

Their presentation may include models, testimonials, or surveys. The equipment they use varies by product. For example, a food demonstrator might use cooking utensils; a software demonstrator may use a computer.

Some demonstrations are intended to generate immediate sales through impulse buying. Others are intended to create future sales by increasing brand awareness.

Demonstrations and product promotions are conducted in retail stores, at trade shows, or at outdoor fairs. Locations are selected according to the product being offered and its target audience. For example, many food demonstrations are conducted in supermarkets or wholesale clubs.

At large events, a team of demonstrators may be needed to handle the crowds.

Some demonstrators promote products on TV in infomercials or home shopping programs.

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