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How to Become an Information Clerk

A high school diploma is enough for most positions, but some employers prefer workers who have some education beyond high school.


A high school diploma is generally enough for most positions as an information clerk. However, some employers prefer to hire candidates who have some college education or an associate’s or higher degree.


Most information clerks are trained on the job in the policies and procedures of the business or government agency that employs them. Some types of information clerks, such as those who work for government agencies, may have to go through longer periods of training.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Information clerks must be able to explain policies and procedures clearly to colleagues and customers.

Computer skills. Many organizations maintain files and records on computers. Therefore, information clerks must be comfortable working with computer databases.

Discretion. Information clerks, particularly human resources assistants, have access to confidential information, and they need to be able to keep this information private.

Organizational skills. Information clerks manage files, applications, and correspondences, so they need to have good organizational skills to find files quickly and efficiently.

People skills. Many information clerks interact with others regularly in person or on the phone. They must be able to work effectively with others to get the information they need and to understand and satisfy the needs of others.

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