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How to Become a Skincare Specialist

Skincare specialists must complete a state-approved cosmetology program. After completing the program, they must pass a state exam for licensure, which all states except Connecticut require.

Education and Training

Skincare specialists usually take a state-approved cosmetology program. Some high schools offer vocational training. Most people, however, receive their training from a postsecondary vocational school.

Newly hired specialists sometimes receive on-the-job training, especially when working with chemicals. Those who are employed in a medical environment may also receive on-the-job training, often working alongside an experienced skincare specialist.  


After completing an approved cosmetology program, skincare specialists take a written and practical exam to get a state license. Licensing requirements vary by state, so those interested should contact their state board.

Many states offer continuing education seminars and programs designed to keep skincare specialists current on new techniques and products.

Important Qualities  

Customer-service skills. Skincare specialists should be friendly and courteous when dealing with clients. Repeat business is important, particularly for self-employed workers. 

Stamina. Skincare specialists must be able to spend most of their day standing and massaging clients’ face and body.

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