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How to Become a Demonstrator or Product Promoter

Demonstrators and product promoters need customer service skills and are usually trained on the job.


Most employers prefer demonstrators and product promoters who have a high school diploma or equivalent.


Demonstrators and product promoters usually receive on-the-job training. The amount of time it takes to be trained varies, depending on the product they are promoting. For example, it may take only a couple hours to train someone who is handing out material on an upcoming movie. However, someone demonstrating a new cell phone may need several days to be fully trained.

Training often focuses on the product and is usually given by the company the product promoter is representing. The demonstrator learns about the product and the philosophy of the company that sells it. Some product promoters interact with the media and receive special training on how to speak with them.

Work Experience

Some companies prefer to hire demonstrators or product promoters who have customer service or sales experience.

Important Qualities

Customer service skills. Demonstrators must be able to determine what a customer’s needs are and how their product or brand can meet those needs.

People skills. Demonstrators are constantly interacting with the public and require an energetic and cheerful personality.

Public speaking skills. Many demonstrators give speeches to large crowds when promoting a product.

Responsibility. When promoting a product at an event, demonstrators often work without supervision, so a company must be able to trust them with their products.

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