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How to Become a Carpet Installer

The vast majority of carpet installers learn their trade on the job.


Most carpet installers learn by helping more experienced workers and gradually getting more duties. Employers provide this training on the job. New carpet installers start by helping to move carpet, after which they progress to cutting and trimming carpet. Some workers learn to install carpet while working in another construction occupation, such as carpentry or construction labor.


Although there is no formal educational requirement for carpet installers, high school courses in basic math are considered helpful.

Important Qualities

Customer-service skills. Working with customers in their homes is common. Therefore, carpet installers must be considerate of the homeowners’ property while quickly completing tasks.

Math skills. Carpet installers use basic math skills on every job. Besides measuring the area to be carpeted, installers must calculate the amount of carpet needed to cover the floor.

Physical strength. Carpet installers must be strong enough to carry heavy rolls of carpet. They also should be able to lift the rolls to move them into position.

Stamina. Carpet installers must have endurance because they spend many hours on their feet. Also, when cutting carpet, installers need to be on their knees to easily reach the edge that must be trimmed.

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